In the early involvement of the founder of the IHF, it is the awareness of the need for verification of Halal standards for the Ummah. However, some governments of Islamic countries have implemented elements of halal through legal provisions, procedures and standards of management processes for integrated management methods of halal. This framework must be supported by Halal Shariah Council as a legitimate constitution. In fact, the majority of Islamic countries there is no legal system in such a way to implement it.

However, in non-Muslim countries, there are Muslims there who were able to create a certification body for muslim domestic consumptions and produced for export purposes.

For the sake of pure intentions and purposes, the founders felt the need for a platform that connects government official, public, scholars, umarra', scientists and businessmen in protection, control and monitoring of all aspects of food and non-food items. This includes aspects of financial resources who qualify based on shariah Maqassid from Quran and Sunnah Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

The IHF and its founders were so instrumental in creating:

  • Certification Agency - Turkey GIMDES
  • Halal Shariah Council of Kosovo Bosnia
  • Halal Development Program in Ashrakan, Russia
  • Following the recognition of JAKIM, MUI and Muis.
  • Consultation service to create Halal Shariah Council which will be held by the City Hall Baotao Mongolia, China

IHF is a global non-profit organization registered in Malaysia. The goal is to support the movement of international halal through human contact (hablun minannaas), shared ideas (tirsan ilm), the proliferation of information, Initiative innovation (heresy koko), the catalyst was toyibban (ADSL itqan) and promoting the value in the supply chain (tijarahtul Syakir) around the world.

The foundation is funded entirely by the adult members through zakat and charity. Board of Trustees we come from various corners of the world, which consists of those who are experienced, trained and active employees in certain fields. This group is very dedicated, passionate and excited about the method and methodology of halal.