It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to IHF Academy. Being the pioneer mover in integrated Halal Eco system, we in IHF Academy will set the pace in accelerating the global Halal movement by producing skilled Halal auditors and Halal personnel to support the movement for the betterment of mankind.

Here at IHF Academy, you will be taught and mentored by Shariah experts and an innovative food technology team using practical approaches to learning, training and support. As subsidiary of the International Halal Labuan Foundation, all IHF Academy's training courses on Halal subjects and food safety will be supervised and monitored by an international Shariah Supervisory Board and food safety experts, respectively.

Whilst there are numerous higher learning institutions offering Halal related courses locally, we in IHF Academy believed that the accreditation and acceptance of Majlis Agama Islam Johor (MAIJ) and food safety experts on our course syllabus and training programs provide an obvious distinction and impact to the global Halal industry. IHF Academy Halal training courses are not only confined to local, we will work hand in hand with Halal councils all over the world to create Halal chapters that would adopt similar Halal verification protocols and training methodologies.

We believed that with Halal verification protocols that adopted Shariah best practices and abundance of trained Halal auditors globally will amplify the growth of the global Halal trade and industry.