The time and effort I spent for more than a decade in International Halal Labuan Foundation (IHF) has proven that the only sustainable economic model for the global community is Halal, Healthy and Holistic Living. I believe that the core to education is “Existential Learning” and IHF as a non-government and a non- profit organisation in Halal directives for the Halal ecosystem and landscape is befitting.

The International Halal Academy (IHFA) is an institution providing a global benchmark for professional and accredited verification programs for Halal advocators and propagators in the global Halal economy.

With our principles and values, IHF Council has meticulously formulated and designed our programmes and activities with the Triple H Effect (halal, healthy, holistic) as the bedrock of the institution mission and all participants in IHFA are an active life-changer and life-enabler going through the structured bespoke experience in the Triple H Education.

Tapping onto the evolving digital technology, IHFA will leverage on multi-media platform and converging market trends into our learning habitat as a testament that the institution is a dynamic learning hub that epitomises the exemplary essence of Halal.

I believe that IHFA will be the teaching model that the global community is looking for and will raise the awareness on the spreading influence of Halal internationally.

Fastabiqul khairat, haiyya bil jihad!